One of the reasons we decided to hold edUi 2015 in Charlottesville was because of the surprising richness of cultural activities that can be found in this small, mountain, college town.

And here’s a perfect example. The Virginia Film Festival wraps up in Charlottesville just before edUi kicks off. But you can get a small sample of the festival while you’re here by popping into Second Street Gallery.




Second Street Gallery is located in the same building as Live Arts (edUi conference central) and they’ll be hosting the exhibit “Beyond Classification” in conjunction with the Virginia Film Festival.

The exhibit focuses on the women artists from Egypt working in video, film and other media arts. The aim is to highlight the diversity and complexity of the roles that these media and these artists play in contemporary Egyptian society.

The gallery will be open to you during meal times, and throughout the conference any time you need to take a little break. In addition, on Tuesday night, you can sign up for a special gallery talk about the exhibit with Erica Barnes, 2nd Street Gallery’s assistant director. Just be sure to select the “Gallery Talk” option when you register.