by Trey Mitchell, edUi Co-founder


Because there will be no hotel chicken.

Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter where you go, what city you visit, hotel chicken is hotel chicken.


You’ve already heard that this year’s conference experience is going to be different, and here’s another reason why: there will be no hotel chicken.

Food Trucks

Charlottesville is home to a burgeoning food truck scene and we thought you’d like to get a sample of what they have to offer. So on Monday 11/9 we’ll treat you to lunch from one of three of Charlottesville’s finest mobile eateries.

Here’s our working lunch menu:

South Fork 

South Fork Food Truck specializes in inspired southern cuisine.

  • Southern Fried Chicken Tenders
  • Veggie Wrap – Sautéed Beets, Brussels, & Butternut Squash (can be made vegan and/or gluten free) ¹ ² ³
  • Cheerwine Braised Pork Sandwich ³

Morsel Compass

Morsel Compass tacos combine inspired flavors of the East, West, North and South.

  • Carne Asada tacos
  • Chimi Churri Chicken tacos
  • Meximus – Vegan Black Bean Hummus Taco ²
  • Grilled Brie Sandwich ¹

Mouth Wide Open

Mouth Wide Open has tasted America with their mouths wide open and the menu is a collaboration across place and taste.

  • Buffalo Chicken Sliders
  • Vegetarian Black Bean Burger w/ salsa & chipotle sauce ¹
  • Shroom bacon burger w/ chipotle sauce
  • Grilled Chicken Sliders

¹ vegetarian | ² vegan | ³ gluten free on request

…and Donuts!

Carpe DonutAs mentioned in our previous #edUWhy post (Morning Zen) we’ll keep the food truck theme going Tuesday morning by bringing you fresh locally made donuts from Carpe Donut.

These guilty pleasures are locally sourced, organic, and cooked without trans fat. They even convert their used fry oil to bio fuel, so their donuts are a guilty pleasure you can really feel good about. In fact, they even won an award for best food truck in Charlottesville in 2014!

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