Here’s the next announcement about entertainment at the edUi 2015 opening night reception.

Creative Commons courtesy Stephen Poff

Creative Commons courtesy Stephen Poff


  • What: Open musical jam session for edUi participants
  • When: Monday, November 9, 2015 – 7pm  (part of that evening’s reception)
  • Where: LiveArts, Founders Theatre

If you like playing music and meeting new people, come join our musical jam session! Bring your instrument of choice (guitar, ukulele, mandolin, fiddle, bass, melodica, etc.) to Charlottesville, plus a simple song or two that you’d be willing to lead and be ready for a fun night at the LiveArts theater in Charlottesville, VA.

If you’re flying in and can’t bring an instrument, don’t worry: We’ll have a few instruments on hand that you can borrow! We’ll also have a projector to show lyrics and chords so everyone can follow along.

What to Do Next

  • Think of a song or two you’d like to lead.
  • Post the lyrics and chords in this Google Doc (separate page for each song, please).
  • Pack your instrument along with your suitcase and laptop for edUi.
  • Plan to have fun!

When it comes to choosing songs, choose those composed of two to four widely-known chords, perhaps with some fun lyrics you don’t mind singing aloud. Don’t worry if you haven’t tried something like this before—we’ll all be playing it by ear.

Spectators are welcome, but keep in mind this is an audience participation jam circle kind of thing, not a performance.

Opening Night Reception

This will take place as part of the edUi opening night reception. In addition to the jam session there will be some other fun entertainment, including live story-telling and one more surprise we’ll announce in the coming weeks.