What Going Out to Eat Teaches Us About UX Design

Are you hungry for a fresh perspective on UX design? In this fun and interactive presentation, we will step outside the confines of our digital devices and explore how great restaurants meet their customers’ needs (and how other restaurants fail to do so). Looking at the principles of restaurant hospitality, we’ll discover how these principles apply to building better websites and mobile apps. We’ll discuss what great restauranteurs and great designers have in common, and we’ll generate some user experience best practices that participants can apply to existing and future designs. We’ll connect these ideas to what we know about how the human brain works and how our emotions impact our decision-making, and how we can go beyond meeting basic needs to delighting our audiences.

What You'll Learn:

  • The importance of empathy and insight in design
  • How to think about experiences as a series of events that can be stressful or pleasurable
  • Ways to delight your users (concrete examples)

Presented By

Jimmy Chandler