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What does it take to tear down a 2,000+ page School website and re-build it from the ground up? An agile internal project management team, a fierce collective will and a lot of coffee. Attend this panel discussion session and hear about the adventure of Darden’s website redesign (that, in the end, also included the redesign of a sister site for the alumni audience).

Ask us about our process, our experience with vendors and technical implementation, our content audit and strategic stakeholder meetings, our panic-attacks and fever dreams days before launch. Ask about our launch and post-launch measurements, which point to the success of our valiant redesign efforts. We’re ready to share in the hopes that it will help those of you involved in a redesign project or facing one soon!

What You'll Learn:

  • What helped us manage a content audit that took us from over 2K pages to around 1k pages of fully edited and optimized content, including a treasure trove of new imagery and videos
  • How we engaged stakeholders and the larger School community without getting bogged down by a tidal wave of unactionable input
  • What tools saved both our sanity and our budgets
  • How we coordinated 50+ web editors to ensure proper branding, voice and style for launch
  • How we translated “platform-agnostic” code into usable templates and modules in our native CMS in stages rather than all at once
  • Our redesign goals and the measurement of our success after it was all said and done (though it’s never really “done”)

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Presented By

Valerie Harness
Larry Becker
Fareine Suarez