Getting the metrics is not the hard part, it’s understanding them that’s tricky. Guessing at what your metrics might mean will get you nowhere fast. Turning numbers into action is what makes the difference between a strong, contributing member of your team and a weak link. By using simple methods of data analysis, you can go from generating a report to providing real value to your organization. This presentation will discuss examples from higher education and explain how statistical significance is not as daunting as it can sound. We will explore methods such as statistically significant A/B testing, intervention analysis, and time series forecasting. You will be able to immediately apply techniques to improve your analysis and add value to your institution. You will learn how this kind of analysis is used to make positive changes within higher education marketing and enrollment.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to push past the standard Google Analytics reports that do not fully show the statistical impact of a campaign or initiative
  • How to get better information out of your data
  • Ways to ensure the most effective use of data within your team
  • How to leverage tools like A/B testing, intervention analysis, and time series forecasting

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Joshua Dodson