Ever been in a strategic planning workshop that you knew was doomed 5 minutes in? It’s not that people don’t want to do the right thing. It’s not that we don’t want to cooperate, either. So what makes it so hard to lead a group to agree on a problem, visualize a solution, and move in sync toward a goal? We’re all adults after all—you’d think we covered the “plays well with others” thing back in kindergarten.

In this session, we’ll take tools and games often used to plan websites and use them as a laboratory for studying the art of facilitation. I’ll share some of the not-so-obvious techniques I’ve learned over 20+ years of experimentation, failure, and success in herding cats of all types and sizes.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to use judo to get naysayers on your side early in the process
  • How to show people that you’re listening to them and not just pushing your own agenda
  • How to help people break out of their usual mental ruts and open up to new ideas
  • Getting the VIPs in the room to be quiet and actually listen
  • Drawing the best ideas out of the quietest people
  • Using research (or the threat thereof) to handle strange (or nutty) suggestions
  • Bringing the group to agreement around an actionable, meaningful vision

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David Poteet