It Is the Journey, Not the Destination

Often when we talk about improving the user experience, we’re talking about changing the user interface, but this change is not always possible given your available systems. At our library we have several third-party systems that have to work together to allow users to do functions that seem simple to them, like request library materials. We were getting stuck on the most intuitive way to let users know which system they needed to use, and then it dawned on us: Why make the user decide? We instead funneled the entry point for requests into one system, with an operator that could triage the requests into the appropriate system. Instead of rethinking the UI, we designed our workflow to make it easier for the user. This talk will describe how we used system analysis techniques to analyze our current system and the changes we made to our workflows to make getting library materials more intuitive for our users.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to use system analysis techniques to analyze user and staff interactions with a service
  • How to map workflows to identify break points
  • How to configure staff workflows to minimize barriers for users and overcome system breakdowns

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Emily King