Web designers are losing their monopoly. Content management systems allow everyone to build websites and manage content all by themselves. The trend is accelerating. AI websites are even starting to design themselves. So… what’s left for a web designer to do?

Structured front-end frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, or Skeleton provide powerful functionality and drastically reduce decision-making in the design process. Web editors use intuitive WYSIWYG-editors and short code for fast and easy changes that don’t require help from a web developer. Now the Grid even promises a self-designing website.

Web designers have to prove that we are not obsolete: We have to adapt to succeed in this new reality. If we want to continue offering value, we must engage in purposeful design for user experience. This requires broadening our knowledge, focusing our action, and deepening our collaboration.

What You'll Learn:

  • What opportunities exist as the divide between designers, UX professionals, content strategists and web developers is diminishing
  • How to adapt and succeed as a web designer
  • Concrete lessons learned and possible future developments

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Conny Liegl