Completing a website redesign is like getting a puppy. In the beginning, everything is new and exciting; but, like a puppy, your website needs proper care and feeding. Before redesigning the UNC Libraries’ website in 2013, we struggled with a site that ballooned to 30K files. Without a governance plan, our old site had turned feral. Since our launch, we have focused on keeping the site fed and fit. Just as no puppy can ever take care of itself, no website is self-sustaining. With only a few hundred pages, our new site is more manageable but still requires constant attention.

We’ll walk you through our management strategy, which includes an annual review process with 30+ content authors. We’ll also examine our usability studies, including tools we use like Optimal Workshop and Optimizely. Lastly, we’ll discuss how we manage our systems with an eye toward enhancing front-end performance.

Only with love and commitment can your website truly become (wo)man’s best friend.

What You'll Learn:

  • The importance of properly maintaining your website, with a focus on including stakeholders in the process
  • Strategies for keeping your website up-to-date
  • Elements to include in a content management plan
  • Ideas for a sustainable usability testing plan


(Recommendations regarding proper canine care will not be included in this talk.)

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Presented By

Chad Haefele
Kim Vassiliadis