At WillowTree, our team is fortunate to work with brilliant design and engineering teams from a wide variety of industries including healthcare, enterprise, media/entertainment, government and education. While each one of our partners has a different organizational culture and process, they choose to work with us because we have lean, fast-moving UX design and development processes in place that give us the ability to create and ship some of the most engaging mobile experiences out there today.

In this Design Studio mini-workshop, you’ll learn some of these Lean UX and rapid prototyping techniques we use when ideating and designing with our clients. The workshop will kickoff with a quick WillowTree introduction, illustrating the problems of the waterfall software approach against a shifting mobile landscape. Then, the group will break off into teams and use Lean UX techniques to design mobile app prototypes in a rapid, iterative structure. By the end of the workshop, each member will have an interactive app prototype that’s been through usability testing!

What You'll Learn:

  • ideation techniques
  • lean UX methods
  • iterative sketching
  • rapid prototyping

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Nate Wootten