Do you ever look back at those pages of notes or computer files that you come home with every time you attend a conference? I’m betting you answered with a sheepish, “Nope.”

Neither did I, until I began to practice sketch-noting. Develop your own style during this workshop, which features plenty of opportunities for learning the what, why, and how of capturing information in visual form.

You don’t have to be an artist to participate. As long as you can draw basic shapes like circles and squares, this will be an opportunity to develop your own style. Apply visual design skills to your own notes and walk away from this session confident in your ability to render information beyond a series of bullet points in Microsoft Word. All that is required is a fresh pen, some paper, and 90 minutes of your time.

What You'll Do:

  • Learn and practice basic techniques for quickly sketching concepts, structuring your sketchnotes based on a speaker’s cues
  • Share your notes with other attendees in a safe environment to develop your confidence before getting more practice on your own
  • Extend your learning with the recommended reading provided during this workshop

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Nathan Rogers