Important But Invisible: What the Aging Workforce Really Needs From Us

Many of us look forward to the promise of growing old and retiring without the worry of work. Unfortunately, that has changed for millions worldwide who now have to work up to a decade past retirement age.

They’re going back to school, receiving job retraining, or using new tools at work. We see them spending more time and money visiting museums, historical sites, and libraries. We also see them struggle to learn the very apps and tools they’re required to use. Failure can have devastating effects.

We’ve entered a new age of usability, where tools we create must work for larger and larger sets of users across age groups.

I’ve found I’m the youngest person in the room by far on many field research projects. (As someone considered “old” in UX, that’s saying something.) I’ll share first-hand stories from folks dealing with this new reality. I’ll share how they cope, what they expect, and what we can do to help.

The reality is, we’re only helping ourselves down the road.

What You'll Learn:

  • The benefits and challenges presented by an older workforce
  • An overview of the changes people encounter as they age, and how that impacts their lives
  • How our apps and tools impact their personal and professional lives
  • Strategies, tips and techniques for designing apps and services appropriate to this cohort

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Michael Carvin