Rachel is NewCity’s resident wordsmith, who lives for distilling messages down to their most essential core. A word nerd at heart, she swoons over perfectly crafted copy and looks at communication challenges as just an opportunity to make the world a more logical, legible place.

Rachel specializes in taking piles of dusty, disorganized content and churning out laser-cut messages that serve a distinct purpose. She loves digging through existing content to uncover the defining pieces that make a client unique, then working with designers to tell the story.

She came to NewCity after seven years working with Virginia Tech’s Division of Student Affairs, where she managed publications and media relations for an in-house marketing team. She also has a BA in English and an MA in communication from Virginia Tech (making her a Hokie fan thrice over).

Rachel likes playing outdoors and exploring the twisty backroads of Virginia in her boyfriend’s race car. She can tell you more than you ever wanted to know about the genre-bending genius of political entertainment news programs and their importance in the 2008 presidential election.